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How many people are allowed on the Duffy and ElectraCraft? 

DUFFY BOAT CAPACITY: The maximum number of passengers on the Duffy is 10 people. This includes children. This is an insurance requirement, so we are not able to change this rule.  For the most comfortable experience, we suggest a maximum of eight adults and two children.

ELECTRACRAFT CAPACITY: The maximum number of passengers on the ElectraCraft is 10 adults.  You may add two small children, for a total of 12 passengers.  

Do I need experience? 

While boating experience is always helpful, it is not necessary as we can train you how to operate the vessel. In the rental confirmation email we will send you some helpful information about rules of the road.

Where is parking? 

The Balboa Marina parking lot surrounding our office is one of the largest private free parking lots in Newport Beach. 

Our office is located at 201 E. Coast Hwy., Newport Beach, CA 92660. Park directly in front of our office building main entrance, or anywhere past our office. The only place you cannot park is in the small strip boat owners lot, located next to the railing between Sol Cocina and our office.

Can I bring food? 

Yes, of course!  It is best to bring prepared food like sandwiches, charcuterie platters, or finger food.  You’ll be on a moving boat, so items can fall over easily and spill.  Cleaning charges apply if the boat is left messy with spills. If you bring items that require cutting, you must bring a cutting board.  Cutting on the varnished teak tables could result in an expensive damage and repair charge. 

Do you have bathrooms, lockers or changing rooms?

There are no bathrooms aboard the boats.  However, marina restrooms are available for your use in the building next to where you will check in. We do not have lockers or storage areas.  

Can I bring beverages, including alcohol?

Yes, alcohol is allowed with the exception of red wine (which stains easily). On a boat you are allowed to have an open container as long as you remain under the legal limit for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level in California. If you plan to bring a cooler, please bring a soft body cooler only.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes, we do provide life jackets for all ages. Kids 12 and under are required by law to wear a life jacket. We have life jackets for infants as well. If the infant is in a car seat or baby carrier, they are not required to wear one; however, we will provide one anyway to have on board. All adult life jackets are underneath the forward seat and behind the forward seat backrest.

How early should I arrive? 

Arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your scheduled charter. 

Are dogs allowed?

We love dogs and they are allowed if they weigh under 20 pounds.  The cost to bring a dog is $25.00. However, we do not recommend bringing your dog, as there is no place for him/her to use the bathroom on the boat or in the marina.  If the cushions are clawed or scratched, there could be an additional fee charged to you for repair. 

How old do you have to be to rent the vessel?  

The renter on record must be 25 years old. 

Can I bring decorations?  

Yes, you may bring decorations.  Decorations may be hung in the interior of the boat only.  Please be sure that any decorations you bring will not distract the driver—or hinder his/her view—on the boat.  You may bring small special occasion banners and should either tie them with ribbon or use scotch tape.  The use of duct tape, packing tape,

or any other type of heavy-duty adhesive on the boat is not permitted.  In addition, please do not bring balloons,

as they can be dangerous while driving the Duffy, and no confetti.  Kindly remove all decorations at the end of your rental. 

Do you provide ice or water?  

There is a convenience store across the street from the marina, if you would like to purchase these items. 

What is the Change and Cancellation policy?

Changes anytime up to 24 hours in advance with a nominal $25 change fee.  

Cancellations can be made anytime up to 24 hours in advance with a $50 cancellation fee.  Within 24 hours no changes or cancellations can be made.

Rain Cancellation Policy

 We will reschedule or refund 100% of your charter fee if at 9am on the day of your charter, the iPhone Weather app says there is a 40% or higher chance of rain during the specific hours of your charter.  Weather apps are notoriously inaccurate especially several days out.  The weather apps may say there is rain coming on Saturday but then as the day comes closer the prediction is only for rain between 4am to 8am with the whole afternoon sunny.  That is why we wait until the day of the charter to make the call.  

Our nice new Duffy boats have a full cover and full eisenglass windows that close to keep you warm and cozy even when the weather is a little cold.  In addition we have two blankets in the boat.  You are welcome to bring your own blankets and jackets too."

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